Rogue One: Star Wars Story (soundtrack - CD)

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Soundtrack z filmu Rogue One: Star Wars Story, skladatel Michael Giacchino.

1.  He's Here For Us (03:20)
A Krennic Condition
2.  A Long Ride Ahead (03:56)
Jyn And Scare It
3.  Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (00:55)
4.  Trust Goes Both Ways (02:45)
Going To See Saw
5.  When Has Become Now (01:59)
That New Death Star Smell
6.  Jedha Arrival (02:48)
Jedha Call Saw
7.  Jedha City Ambush (02:19)
When Ambush Comes To Shove
8.  Star-Dust (03:47)
Erso Facto
9.  Confrontation On Eadu (08:06)
Go Do, That Eadu, That You Do, So Well
10.  Krennic's Aspirations (04:16)
Have A Choke And A Smile
11.  Rebellions Are Built On Hope (02:56)
Erso In Vain
12.  Rogue One (02:05)
Takes One To Rogue One
13.  Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (04:00)
World's Worst Vacation Destination
14.  Scrambling The Rebel Fleet (01:33)
Scarif Tactics
15.  AT-ACT Assault (02:55)
Bazed And Confused
16.  The Master Switch (04:03)
Switch Hunt
17.  Your Father Would Be Proud (04:52)
Transmission Impossible
18.  Hope (01:38)
Live And Let Jedi
19.  Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (05:52)
20.  The Imperial Suite (02:30)
21.  Guardians Of The Whills Suite (02:53)

Tracks 1-18 contains alternate "pun-filled" titles (via booklet).

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Kategorie: Giacchino Michael
Záruka: 2 roky
Nosič: CD
Počet nosičů: 1
Počet skladeb: 21
Skladatel: Michael Giacchino
Stav zboží: Nové - zabalené ve fólii

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